Abstracts and Clinical Case Competition

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The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) and the International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) are currently accepting submissions for research-, project- and best practice-based abstracts to be presented as posters at the Clinical Osteoporosis 2017 symposium in Orlando, FL, April 20-22, 2017.

Abstract submissions for Clinical Osteoporosis 2017 will describe original findings of clinical or scientific merit and relate to osteoporosis and/or fracture prevention, fall prevention, team-based care, skeletal imaging, diagnosis or treatment. Abstracts will be presented as posters and/or oral presentations and align with one of the following themes:

    • Best Practices for Multidisciplinary Care Coordination
    • Best Practices for Osteoporosis Management
    • Bone Densitometry or Body Composition
    • Central DXA: (DXA, TBS)
    • Clinical Issues
    • Clinical Studies and Observations
    • Clinical Leadership in Osteoporosis Management
    • Diagnosis and Risk Assessment
    • Epidemiology, Economics and Public Health
    • Exercise, Rehabilitation and Fall Prevention
    • Morphometric Measurements: (Body Composition, Vertebral Fracture Recognition, Hip Geometry)
    • Non Central DXA: (QCT, pQCT, QUS, pDXA, FEA)
    • Patient and Public Education
    • Quality Improvement Projects (including office- or unit-based projects)
    • Skeletal Imaging and Diagnosis
    • Socio-behavioral Medicine and Quality of Life
    • Therapeutics and Treatment Adherence

The following specific criteria will be used when selecting abstracts for presentation at Clinical Osteoporosis 2017:

Project and Best Practices Abstracts

    1. Purposes/Aims
    2. Rationale/Background
    3. Brief description of the undertaking/best practice, including the approach, methods, or process used
    4. Outcomes achieved/documented
    5. Conclusions, emphasizing implications for clinical or educational practices, and recommendations for research or future undertakings

Research Abstracts (including instrument development, other methodological studies and research-based best practices)* should describe the methods used to carry out the research, identify variables and sample size, identify protocols and instruments used for evaluation, and describe data analysis. Research must be completed prior to abstract submission.

      • Purposes/Aims
      • Rationale/Conceptual Basis/Background
      • Methods
      • Results
      • Implications

Technologists, residents, students, trainees and fellows, advanced practice clinicians, nurses, physical therapists and technologists are strongly encouraged to submit abstracts. It is expected that all accepted abstracts will be posted at Clinical Osteoporosis 2017. Poster presenters and Award winners must be present at the meeting.

There is no charge for the submission of abstracts and there is no limit to the number of abstracts that an author may submit. Please be sure to include the following: Introduction; Objectives; Methods; Results; Conclusions. The abstract title should be 200 characters max and the abstract text should be 2,500 characters max.

Qualifications and Eligibility

All authors must adhere to the following when submitting an abstract for Clinical Osteoporosis 2017:

        1. For scientific studies, research described in the abstract complies with the guiding principles for experimental procedures written in the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association, and the NIH Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, 1985, and refer to the policy established by your Institutional Review Board.
        2. All authors (submitting and contributing) have read the Disclosure Statement (Conflict of Interest Statement) and have made appropriate disclosures by completing and submitting the PDF Disclosure Form.
        3. The contact/presenting author on the abstract must register and attend Clinical Osteoporosis 2017 to validate the abstract by the author registration deadline Monday, April 3, 2017. Abstracts without a registered author will not be published nor will they posted onsite or in the mobile application/website.
        4. Authors of an abstract describing a study funded by an organization with a proprietary or financial interest must identify the organization and affirm that they had full access to all the data in the study. By doing so, authors accept complete responsibility for the integrity of the data and the accuracy of the data analysis.
        5. If the manuscript associated with the abstract has appeared or will appear in print or online, on or before February 28, 2017, the abstract is not eligible for oral presentation and should be submitted for Poster Presentation Only.
        1. The following guidelines apply to previously presented abstracts:
          1. Abstracts presented orally or as a poster at a prior NOF or ISCD Symposium may not be submitted for either poster or oral presentation.
          2. Abstracts presented (poster or oral) at major U.S. national, and other national and international meetings may not be submitted for an oral presentation at Clinical Osteoporosis 2017 and should be marked “Poster Presentation Only”.
          3. If you have previously presented the material in your abstract at another meeting and aren’t sure about its eligibility for oral presentation at the Clinical Osteoporosis 2017, please mark “Poster Presentation Only” on the submission form or contact MSaier@iscd.org for advice before submitting the abstract.

Abstracts accepted by the Abstract Review Committee and posted at the Joint Symposium may be published in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Clinical Densitometry. Those invited to present posters will receive specific information regarding these requirements with their acceptance notice. All presenters will be required to register for the meeting (April 20-22, 2017). Registration and housing information can be found here.

            • All accepted abstracts are required to present a poster at the Symposium and have the author available to answer questions.
            • All accepted abstracts are eligible to receive an invitation for oral presentation, unless the box Poster Presentation Only has been checked.
            • Speakers that accept an invitation to present orally will not be required to also present a poster on the same abstract.

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Important Dates

Abstract Submission Site Opens:        January 13, 2017

Abstract Submission Closes:               February 28, 2017

Clinical Case Submission Closes:         March 14, 2017

Acceptance Notification:                    March 27, 2017

Author Meeting Registration:             April 3, 2017

Withdrawals:                                     March 20, 2017

Clinical Case Competition

Submissions will be reviewed by the Clinical Case Subcommittee of Clinical Osteoporosis 2017 and judged based on image quality and resolution, as well as image novelty and educational value. The overall competition winner and five (5) “Honorable Mention” winners will have their submitted images exhibited via the CO17 mobile application.

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  • Maximum two (2) submissions per contestant/sponsor per year, submitted individually, received no later than February 28, 2017.
  • Submitted images must not have been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • All submissions must be in HIPAA compliant format and cannot contain confidential patient information.
  • The first author will be considered the “submitting author” and the only author eligible to be the overall competition winner.
  • All other “contributing” authors must be appropriately acknowledged and have provided written permission for publication of the submission by CO17.
  • The submission must include current affiliations of all contributing authors.

All submissions will become the property of ISCD/NOF and the permanent ISCD Clinical Case Collection and may be used for ISCD/NOF products, programs and services. ISCD/NOF will there after hold the copyright on the image to protect against its use for commercial purposes by unauthorized users. The submitting or contributing authors may reproduce such images for educational purposes, upon receipt of written permission by ISCD/NOF. Previously published images and/or case studies or unpublished images copyrighted by anyone other than the submitters are forbidden and should not be submitted.

For the purpose of impartial judging each submission will be stripped of all authors’ personal identifiers and assigned an anonymous alphanumeric identifier. Non-identified submissions will then be reviewed by the Clinical Case Subcommittee of the Clinical Osteoporosis 2017 and judged based on image quality and resolution, as well as image novelty and educational value. One (1) overall competition winner and five (5) honorable mention winners will be notified prior to CO17 and announced in the 2017 symposium mobile app. All six (6) winners will have their winning submissions exhibited via the meeting mobile application for Clinical Osteoporosis 2017.

How to Submit Cases

All cases for the CO17 Clinical Case competition should be submitted via the abstract website and it will direct you to the form to complete and submit.

The deadline for submission is March 14, 2017.

  1. Submissions should conform to the following format:
    • Images
      One or two related images relevant to the broad field of clinical densitometry accompanied by a brief (maximum 50 words) explanatory narrative with clear image labeling and annotations.
  2. The following imaging formats are acceptable:
    • .JPEG or .PNG.
    • Image(s) should be sized at least 2400 pixels x 1600 pixels.
    • Color image(s) should be 24-bit color depth. These images can be obtained from digital cameras with at least 4 megapixel set at the highest possible resolution setting, high resolution scanners, or from original stock photography or artwork (with proper copyright clearances).
    • Images should be publication quality, digitized and altered with Photoshop® or similar software in accordance with accepted ethical publication practice.
    • Narrative or legend should be submitted within the form provided for submission.
  3. All submissions must be in HIPAA compliant format.
  4. Submitted Images that do not strictly meet competition rules may be disqualified.
  5. Submitting Author will receive email confirmation once full submission is completed.

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